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“Brochure Websites”, in which an organization presents its services or products, don't always need dozens of pages. Brevity is a force. The search results won't suffer -on the contrary- and the conversion can benefit from a more=less approach. The visitor can be seduced systematically, influenced by a look of quality and reliability.
The WordPress sites below offer everything a modern website needs. If they prefer, customers can edit contents easily by typing and drag&dropping in the Web page. We prefer to keep the site under management (also after delivery and hosting, see also wordpressloket.nl) in order to guarantee a tight backup system and a smooth operating site, secure and always up-to-date.
The most diverse ideas can swiftly be sketched with this ‘framework’ , so it's very suitable for sketching, designing and prototyping. These stages can lead to the final build. However it's not a hammer for nails, screws and staples. Building and maintaining complex and mission critical applications wilt be executed together with specialists like e-line websolutions. Textual content can be co-created with specialized copywriters from our vast network.
Klachtenbehandelaar in de zorgsector

A tight site for an inspired painter

A website that took years to emerge despite all good intentions of friends and family. With a minimal approach we convinced the painters to take the plunge. The website was online within three working days.
If you paint runs through your veins, you should show that on your website. Of course, we make good use of the enthusiasm with which Michel van Mourik features his work on social media. Hence the feeds on the homepage. A quick glance will convince site visitors that this painter stands for all of his -at times very special- works. …

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Klachtenbehandelaar in de zorgsector

Order tickets for chamber music concerts

Foundation Chamber Music the Amstel promotes classical music in the local area by organizing high-quality concerts, performed by top musicians. Together with musicians of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, one of the performers Mitsuko Saruwatari. Her website and her recommendation was for the Foundation the reason to consider a new look and feel for a website where tickets can be ordered. There is no payment system linked, the small scale doesn't allow that. So we have solved it in a different way. The website generates personalized ticket-PDFs that the treasurer forwards after verifying the payment.

Klachtenbehandelaar in de zorgsector

Mediator care complaints: Klachtenzorg.nl

A mediator operates between two parties and can be called by either one of them. That choice should be clear at a glance on the home page: Do you visit the site as (ex-)patient or are you a healthcare provider? After we decided the rough structure, texts were supplied by the customer so we could build a small but trustworthy website with a fresh look. SEO and fast hosting are on the agenda.

verkoopstyling amsterdam

Home staging: TheHomestagers.nl

Transparent and light: that suits the styling in Amsterdam by The Homestagers. The portfolio shows the increase in the value of the objects, supported by enthusiastic testimonials of real estate agents and home sellers. The tasteful site is on page 1 of Google for search term “styling Amsterdam” the design blends effortlessly into the lifestyle and Interior world.

Listen to Brahms and Chopin specialist Mitsuko Saruwatari

Concert pianist: MitsukoSaruwatari.com

Piano black for a sublime concert pianist. The quality of this musician is visible in her online presence. We chose a bold black background with white text. It gives, along with the music-click on the CD or on the Listen-button- an attractive image that fits the focus and concentration, coming with the classical music experience that Mitsuko brings.

De Brouwer Tuinen

Gardener: DeBrouwerTuinen.nl

A friendly and courteous gardener in a beautifully kept garden – who wouldn't want that? The three ' blurbs’ lead to his main three services and there is always a link for contact in sight. Here again repeated in the upper fixed bar. On the ‘About’ page Michiel the gardener himself is prominently portrayed. After all, you simply want to know who your dealing with, when you allow someone acces to your garden. The photo is by Petra van Velzen.

SEO: “Garden Maintenance Friesland” (on page 1 of the twelve pages garden maintenance in Friesland…) (pg1, pos3)

Webdesign voor advocatenkantoor

Lawyers: de Groot Douma Vosmeijer

A restyling after a name change is a major project. We revised the website with new texts and design. We developed a logo strategy whereby the existing customers continued to recognize the familiar appearance, while keeping the door open to further development. The typography has been updated. The existing photos were taken by different photographers: lighting and background were inconsistent, we corrected that. For the off-line media printing costs were cut down with several thousand euro each year.

By the structure of the site you can hop from each specialty to the specialist solicitors and likewise from each lawyers profile to the corresponding specialties. The specialties menu is always visible.

SEO: “lawyers Amstelveen” (pg 1 in Google Map)

She teaches how to turn stuffy communication into clear cut inspiring messages

Consultant and trainer in client communications: ClientMatters.nl

Distinctive branding for a confident consultant customer communications, Saskia Kerkhof. An entrepeneurial academic who, during her promotion, runs a serious business. Formerly under the name Reizenderwijs but while talking about positioning and target groups, we have proposed a name change: Client Matters. Both the logo and the site reflect aspects that we also see in her vision: sharp, putting things in perspective and sometimes challenging but always to the point. – In short: particularly suitable for clients who appreciate a sincere and knowledgable consultant, with the guts to not just propose changes but who actually has the skills to make them happen.

To escape the obligatory stock photos we have developed a comic book like character to spice up the home page.

A week in isolation on Bali for a guided reflection on your career

Top coaching: PersoonlijkMeesterschap.org

Coaching on your career during a week in Bali: a guided focus on your future. It seems far streched but it's the shortest route to your Personal Mastery, enabling you to control your future. The initiator explains in an interview why this approach works. Strong personalities write without exception rave testimonials. No hightech design technical feats, the subject nor the target group need that. Just a smooth-running site with pleasant movements – but with beautiful photographs of Petra van Velzen!

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Beautiful design by Kristiaan.nl. Spot on with the PDF he delivered.

Finance & Tech: Rasile-group.com

Beautiful minimal design by Kristiaan.nl. A successful transcreation from a PDF to a website as far as we are concerned. And luckily, the client agrees.

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Corporate housestyle online - client logins only. Raise the granularity of your collaterals.

Cleaning company Mams Cleaning and Services creates badges and ID Cards on-line

Corporate house style online. This picture doesn't link to layoutserver. The page is only accessible to clients. Mams is the quality-conscious cleaning company that realizes why their employees should make an impeccable entrance at their clients locations.

Mams understands that a corporate identity only makes sense if it's recognizable in all appearances of the company. And what do customers mainly see? Correct: the staff, cleaners, often with unrecognizable amateurish badges. That had to be improved, but how? – We met through BNI. Now Mams can access a web page where she fills out a simple form, uploads a picture and within a minute she receives an email with a PDF attachment, containing a designed A4 with a large ID card and two badges, one for the employee and one as back up, stored in the rolodex.

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We've seen major investments in prestigious house styles resulting in window posters on satellite locations, printed in Comic Sans with a blurry company logo. Employees or representatives carry DIY IDs and badges. Tables are dressed up with Times Roman name plates and equally blurry logos in faded colors. Paper is wasted because there are only three badges needed from a perforated sheet of eight. Too bad, unnecessary – and quite unprofessional. It shows the ongoing struggle with a problem that we already solved decades ago. Some franchise and network organisations still miss opportunities because they think it's too much work to get the correct typography and layouts in every outlet. Meet layoutserver.nl.

Free badge template - create print ready materials

As a BNI-Member I try to contribute to the look&feel of various chapters. Free badge layouts!
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Create your own badge online and print it yourself

Try it yourself with a demo design! This page offers a free badge template. Fill out a form and receive a typeset PDF for a professional badge. Network organizations, franchise organizations, cleaning companies – they all need a badge, ID card or window poster that bolster the look and feel of image building media campaigns.

Layoutserver is a system I kept working on after a period in which my technology in the 90 's (Yes we did web-to-print 20 years ago, imagine that) was exclusively used by multinationals like HP Europe, Mitsubishi Europe, Nissan, Canon Europe, Imtech Europe and Ricoh Europe. The concept: export a batch from a database or manually fill in a web form and layoutserver makes a high end layout, based on corporate identity templates. Brand management in the works. It was only feasible for the big ones who wanted to have their stuff in 24 language versions. But now also SMEs and even freelancers consistently apply their corporate identity or personal branding in the capillaries of the organization, large or small. Exactly there is where the contact moments take place.

For BNI chapters only: create meeting kits for your visitors.

Print note sheets, lists, badges, receipts and feedback forms for BNI chapters – top notch

BNI chapters create their visitors kits here. Provide visitors of your meetings with personalized table cards, badges, receipts, evaluation forms in just a few mouse clicks – including a placemat or BNI Meeting Notes Report that lists all participants of the meeting, both members and visitors.

And all layouted in just a few mouse clicks!

As a BNI-Member I try to contribute to the look&feel of various chapters. Free badge layouts!
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