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Corporate quality in strategical hands

Conceived and created:
marketing and sales tools

As interim marketing manager at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, I was requested to create a brand strategy and sales tools covering the complete range of marine engines… within 3 months. An almost impossible assignment considering the fact that all images, copy and the branding had to be created from scratch.

Anton from Ant Communications helped to make it possible. Without wasting words, time and money, we created tools which were highly valued by internal as well as external parties. In fact, the quality was valued so much that both partner companies and Mitsubishi subsidiaries requested copies of the materials for use with their own customers.

I would highly recommend Anton’s services to anyone who’s looking for no-nonsense, high quality materials and advice.

Monique van Weelden

Mitsubishi HI Europe, Canon Europe, Ricoh Europe

Monique, thank you very much for your extremely kind words. It was indeed an extreme achievement and suppliers like me are totally dependent on the responsiveness of their clients. You were always fast and accurate and once we got into the production stage, your information was complete and formatted conforming my wishes, so it could be processed swiftly. I regret that you moved to another part of the country and had to quit your job at Mitsubishi. I really liked working with you!
A business site of a wisecracking consultant

A business site of a wisecracking senior consultant

Bedacht en gemaakt: naam, logo, huisstijl, website

Anton has helped me at the repositioning of my business. That resulted in a new company name, corporate identity, website, business cards and various promotional items. I experienced the cooperation as particularly pleasant for the following reasons:

  • Anton doesn't just start sketching. He reasons from goals and plans for long term.
  • He challlenges you without cutting you off. He translates requirements into a solution.
  • He encouraged me to choose my own tone.
  • A creative brain and creative hands.
  • He develops concepts that exactly fit his client.
  • A strategic thinker and doer who is not afraid to take the advisory role.
Saskia Kerkhof

Client Matters

Saskia, those words mean a lot coming from you. I know how critical you are and how firmly you approach people. It's great to read your appreciation. What appeals to me is the 'fit' and especially the combination of thinking and doing: keep studying on how to do it and in the meantime making it happen. Sounds familiar, doesn't it!

Design en lokalisatie

Many thousands of pages

Design and execution of thousands of European marketing tools, each in 24 language versions.

I have worked with and for Anton since 1990 or so, and he has always been very responsive […] Anton is a prime example of a first mover – without using technology for just the fun of it. He was among the first to set up internet communication of jobs, to establish internet based workflow, and to use internet based translation/proofreading with his own web-to-print system. On top of this he has a nice and friendly personality, which sets its marks all over the company.

Lars Høj

Owner of Lars Høj Informatik, Preferred supplier Canon Europe

Hi Lars, how kind of you! Thank you very much. We must have produced thousands of flyers, brochures, leaflets for Canon Europe – considering all the language versions. In hindsight I can see how disruptive my little company has been and how we helped Canon Europe to stay ahead of their competitors. In the end, our 5 people had the same throughput as what the big agencies had with departments of 20+ people – but blazingly fast and virtually error free. You stood out from the 30 translators that we mostly worked with: you understood what we were doing and I could sense that your output was written with a seamless production in mind. Thank you for that – without professionals like you we never would have pulled it off!

Design and build website

Stylish Website with 'before and after' portfolio

Conceived and created:
stylish website with SEO texts of Studio Awen, Aalsmeer

Ik ben ontzettend blij met onze website. Hij klopt helemaal met de topuitstraling die we onze projecten geven. Ik kan er zelf teksten in aanpassen en testimonials toevoegen. Ook de voor-en-na portfolio items kan ik zelf toevoegen. Anton heeft vanaf de basis opnieuw meegedacht en mij ook gemotiveerd om er meer aandacht aan te geven.

If I'm going to do a logo restyle, I'll seek advice from him because of his critical and yet pleasant attitude.

Esther Ririassa
The Homestagers

Esther Ririassa

The Homestagers

Thanks Esther! A super testimonial. And how great it is to see the site on the first page of Google "verkoopstyling Amsterdam". Even on page 6, I see similar companies listed! It truly has become a beautiful site, thanks to the wonderful photos you delivered. From your portfolio with the “before and after” situations speaks a clear style that served as an inspration for shaping your content - and you yourself are of course a dream to work with. Maybe we should indeed consider to start working on your logo…

Serene quality of a fabulous pianist

Conceived and created:
business card, website, identity of her ensemble

Anton supports me in promoting my performances: he created not just the website but also makes the flyers, program booklets, tickets – and everything looks always top off, including the materials for our Uriel Ensemble. He sure supports cultural initiatives and how we present ourselves showcases the quality level that defines our concerts.


Mitsuko Saruwatari

Mitsuko Saruwatari

Very nice words Mitsuko, thank you! Being one of your admirers, I'm proud that I can support you. In your work, the musical goal is exceptionally high. For me it's a big compliment that my work apparently fits there. Thank you for giving me the chance to make sure everything is in order: not only the CD, but also the flyers, tickets, subscriptions, program booklets etc. for all of your concerts.