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Client Matters (see also page Sites) asked for a campaign. Their training “Writing Winning Bids” receives such positive reviews – and much appreciated spin-off – that they'd like to give it some special attention. They think of banners and ads with different headlines and texts for the various target groups.


Create cmyk ads and rgb banners online in a single click


They may want to mention the price - or not, the URL must be adaptable and various media require flat and rectangular formats. And oh yeah, if possible, it would be nice they print flyers as well from these ads, or perhaps a poster. And in the future thhere will certainly be other courses for which the template can be used. You can easily create ranges by using consistent background colours and/or changing the visual.

That sounds like a challenge and so right up my hand. I have created a Web page on layoutserver.nl with intelligent tyemplates that do the heavy lifting. All textual content is customizable. The font size and leading adapt to the lengths of the texts. Upper and lower limits keeps the bandwidth within the house style. The user can experiment with longer and shorter texts, line breaks and blank lines to creating the best looking ad.

A text amendment no longer requires a designer… Hmm, did I really welcome that?

The customer receives the resulting output as png and if print-ready PDF (CMYK), by email. You yourself can't give it a try because it's all behind a login. The attached animated GIF gives an idea of the possibilities, though. Only the creation of a badge insert is publicly accessible. Maybe not as spectacular, it does give an idea, especially if you try long names. It always fits. (not too crazy, of course!)